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rEFInd Boot Manager

rEFInd Boot Manager Installation and Custumization (macOS)


  1. Download the binary zip file from the link, and upzip the file, store it in a USB.

    • Restart you computer with holding Command + R and inter recovery mode. From there open Terminal and type command csrutil disable to disable boot protection.
    • Then inter rEFInd folder that you upziped previews step with cd /Volume/xxx, run the command ./refind-install, wait to finish.
  2. Restart your computer with typing on Terminal restart. You will see rEFInd booting screen if you succeed. refind

You can delete unwanted Boot options using `delete` key or `-` key.

Custumization (Themeing)

Download a theme from Github. I will download this.


  1. Mount Boot partiton mkdir mnt; sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 mnt. Locate your refind EFI directory. This is commonly mnt/EFI/refind.

  2. Create a folder called themes inside it, if it doesn’t already exist

  3. Clone this repository into the themes directory.

  4. To enable the theme add include themes/rEFInd-minimal/theme.conf at the end of refind.conf.

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